Micro Gardening in Micro Spaces

When it come to conventional thinking, we assume that small space equals a small garden but that does not have to be the case.  Many beautiful and delicious plants require very little resources and space and can packed and grown in very small spaces giving you both beauty and great vegetables to eat organically and home grown in very small pieces of garden. 

You may heard of square foot gardening, this is a fairly new technique involving the dividing of fertilized ground into small portions and carefully planning to intensively plant vegetables and plants depending on your preference. 

Modern housing does not supply us with the large gardens we would have had in the past with older houses where people needed the ground to grow plants and vegetables to feed themselves.  this was more of a requirement then, however giving the benefits of home grown veg, we are going back to this idea but with far less space.  This forces us to think about how to do it more efficiently. 

Choosing The Most Suitable Plants

What plants are most suitable to plant in micro spaces? Most plants are used to growing in small spaces for natural reasons, nature is very competitive and requires plants to be efficient especially those like carrots, beans, Cale, cucumber, lettuce and eggplant to name a few. 

Other plants like dwarf melons, or baby melons, onions, peas, radishes baby tomatoes.  A lot of vegetable have baby versions of them that can be put in place as an alternative.  Another great option is herbs and spices which require little to no space but pack a punch with it comes to small and flavor. 

teaching your kids the importance of greenery is a good pass-time activity, creating awareness and promoting health are all benefits.  So, you see it is quite simple. In few minutes you now have the knowledge you need to start your very own garden!