Training Young Trees

There’s one thing planting a tree and its actions are noble and right for so many reasons but to be honest we forget about the ongoing maintenance and while this is no reason not to plant one, given how important they are to our world, we do have to give it due consideration.

Early stage pruning is considerably important because it allows us to shape and develop the tree for strength, health and practical development.  Training the tree to develop in the way you best see fit is important for longterm management.

Effective pruning allows you to stimulate the tree’s health and development and in the longterm prevents or at least it reduces disease and pests attacking the tree.  Better understanding how great pruning can only bring on the development of a great tree so its important to understand all it benefits and best practice.

Solid reasons why you need to prune and grow your knowledge and skills:

A) Prevents Diseases – The risk of getting trees being unhealthy and affective to disease and health challenges at a young age is very high.  Too much pruning or pruning that can weaken the tree’s health can endanger the overall health of the young sapling. Only remove dead or dying branches where possible, but by all means removing excess limbs can sustain growth in the early stage of development, for example less small branches will help the main branches to grow wide and strong.

It is more like a preventive maintenance, young trees are trained in the very start to prevent any damage later.

B) Improves overall health and Stability in Young Trees – A young tree can be very vulnerable in the early years of growth.  A tree that is long excessive long branches diverting growth in any one direction can weaken its long-term stability.  However you don’t want to prune back too much as it can trigger an emergency growth in the tree as well leaving that tree worse off that it had been initially.

C) Saving Money on your Investment – Planting and maintaining trees can be costly and after spending money on a young tree you really don’t want to see it die and get infected by disease leaving you to start all over again.  Good early pruning allows you to keep them health and strong and creating a  more healthy and beautiful tree in the long run will get you a better return for your property values and overall garden desirability.

If you are unsure, there are some great youtube videos on pruning trees showing you how to approach it, check out