Using Plants to Shade Your Garden

Shaded areas prevent too much sunlight getting to you and your kids but also to your plants.  Also provides a cool and peaceful spot to remain outdoors in the midday sun.  Various plants flourish in bright light and heath and others such  as ferns etc require shade to survive.  Understanding some important points can help you to start planning your shaded garden patch for the mid summer hot days allowing you and your (shaded) plants to stay cool.

Gardening in warm su can be a challenge but with the proper knowledge and right flowers and plants, you can have a picture perfect garden while using it to it maximum especially during the warmest of days where you may normally stay inside in the air conditioned room, think of the savings you may make. 


Bring fresh bright colored plants and flowers is where you should start, keep tall big leafed plants like the Perilla Magilla, elegant pink and green texture is a very suitable flower for this position. 

Middle and foreground

Other flowers like White Giant calla Lily, keep these to the middle of the planned shaded part of the garden.  Look for similar flowers to fill this space and grow out the middle area.  Other flowers you could add to this area is Begonias that are rich in color.  You can also include annuals, bulbs and perennials as well as a mixture of woodland plants depending on your type of soil.  These will have some shadings from the taller plants at the back to place them according to their preference a-lot with keeping an eye on you soil suitability.    

Center and Main Garden Area

What is an interesting alternative and a nice contrast to flowers and plants are vegetables and supply you with a fantastic taste and also looks great.  Try peas, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, as well as cabbage.  Now you have some shaded beautiful flowers and plants along with some tasty vegetables also adding beauty to your space.